First time at Okinawa

Sunset Beach at night. 8 second exposure handheld by me.

We first went to our hotel, but this hotel is much smaller than I thought, and I am telling myself next time I will just book a beach hotel myself online instead of travel agency to Okinawa, but overall it is ok. clean and tidy.

I am in Okinawa with my wife now. This is my first time to be here, and I am looking forward to visit the beach here. Since this is my first time here, my plan for the first day is kinda out of schedule because I don’t know driving in Okinawa is slower. By the time we picked up our rental car it was almost 5 already.

This is our mini rental car:

Then we went to Jusco for our first meal. Just a inexpensive food but good enough for our first day. We also bought some snack and sushi take out from the supermarket. Then we went to Sunset Beach next to Jusco.

It is very nice sitting next to the beach and having Sushi. Although it was very dark, my wife and I were very enjoying the moment there.

Not many photo for today, but will try to take more tomorrow for beautiful beach. God Please be Sunny!

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