Okinawa Beach – Zanpa Beach and The Busena Terrace Beach

What a beautiful city – Okinawa! Although I only been there for one week, I already fall in love the city, beach, and ocean. The beach over there are beautiful, and I went to different beach every day. Only thing kinda disappointed for this trip was the weather because the day I went to the beach I expected the most, it was a rainy day. However, it was still beautiful, just lack of some sunshine.

First beach I went to was a private beach for The Busena Terrace Beach Hotel. It was very beautiful, but only think is it cost 2000 yen to swim there if you are not resident of the hotel. I did not pay though because it is kinda expensive for only swimming and we were not planning to stay long. However, I think you can still go to the non swimming part of the beach and cost you nothing. My wife and I was walking on our way to Kaicyutenboto 海中展望塔 and found a small beach there, and we could not resist to walk into that beautiful ocean.

This is a beach not for swimming, but at least you can enjoy the water and sand there for free!

The next day we went to Zanpa beach and it is an public beach. Many families there were very enjoying the sun and the beach. My wife and I had a great time there and spend couple hours there swimming and sun bathing. It was very beautiful, and sometime small fishes would be swimming with you.

People at Zanpa beach.

Kids are enjoying the sand bath and sun!

It was a beautiful day. Partial shower but overall sunny!


A small ferry


There were only two of the six beaches I went through in this five days, and I definitely will go again to Okinawa because of the beach and view!

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