A Hot Summer and World Cup

Recently the weather is really hot. Swimming or staying in A/C room is my recent activities.. haha. It has been so tired for staying up to watch World Cup, but just two more games to go, and I will have to wait for another four years.

This 2010 World Cup has been entertaining. My favorite team French has been out on the stage 1, but their rival Italy also out on the first round. The 2006 Champion and 2nd place are out on the stage 1? yea. What a game. I was looking forward on the performance on Messi or Kaka, and they both were standing out and performed very well, but both Brazil and Argentina also be eliminated. This 2010 World Cup will be granted for European team once again.

Between Netherland and Spain, I think Spain is a much better team. Since it is like team Barcelona without Messi. Netherland got a good side, but they did well on Brazil game, and which shocked all Brazil Fans on the 2nd half. Hope they will do their best to against Spain, so I can have a good game to watch at 2:30am in the morning.

Other thing very interesting is Octopus Paul’s prediction. Ha. Now Germany people don’t like it and wanna have it for sashimi since it picked Spain over Germany, and in fact, Germany lost. However, if anyone watched the game, we all know Spain was much better on the midfield and almost controlling the game every minutes. So, we should not blame on Octopus Paul!

Also, another interesting thing is on a Chinese forum, a guy said “he is from the future”, started a topic on June saying that he already know the result, which the final match will be Netherland vs Spain, and the result is 2:1 Netherland win! So, when the final two teams were decided and it matched that guy’s prediction(?), everyone now starts thinking if that guy is really from the future. haha. ok, so now we will have to wait for the result on the Final. If Netherland is really winning 2:1, then it will be a super heat topic. and that topic on the forum already has more than 150k replies after the Spain vs Germany Game. Everyone is waiting. I am waiting for the good game though. 🙂

These are pictures I played with Photoshop while staying in A/C room sitting behind the computer.

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