Arduino starter kit project 3 love-o-meter

Arduino Starter Kit Project 3 – Love-O-Meter

The name of this project sounds fun. This time I would have to use a temperature sensor, and read the analog signal from the sensor. Base on the temperature, it would turn on number of lights. If temperature was below 20C, no light would be on. From 22C to 24C, one LED would be on. From 24C to 26C, two LEDs would be on. For temperature greater than 26C, all LEDs would be on. However, I think there was a mistake on the code in the instruction manual. The code was working fine, but when playing with different temperatures, first LED would not turn off if temperature was below 22C and above 20C. It might be just a minor error, or maybe it supposed to be working like that. It was just a hand on experience, so I guess anything would be fine.


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