My first Arduino – Arduino Starter Kit

I ordered Arduino Started Kit yesterday from RS Hong Kong. I did not what to order, but I assumed the starter kit would be good enough for me to start with.

It arrived this morning. Very nice packaging.




I mounted it on board as the starter kit manual said, and did my first basic example project – Blink LED 13. It was pretty simple. The programming language was like C-Style, and I assumed I could write program like C later on for other projects. No big deal because C was a high level language to me when I had actually programmed microprocessor in Assembly language.


and lastly, I grabbed my Dim Sum Labs T-shirt this afternoon. James from the lab also gave me a hacker passport, which he told me that I could stamp on it when visiting other labs. Like visiting other countries. 🙂 Sounds very fun already when hanging out people like that, and I could not wait for next visit there.


James also suggested a very cool project for me. Now I am researching about how to do and which components I should use for this project. You will see it later!

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