First Day in JinJiang 晋江

I went to Jinjiang last weekend with my wife and her family. That is very interesting city, which combining history and modern style. Although 99% of time I did not know what the people are talking about, I love their life style – simple and friendly. Seems if you living in one town, you know almost everyone around you and the close relationship of them cannot compare with us who living in the city, which you may find your neighbor cool and quiet, and not even responding to your “Good morning”. The connection and kindness of them is very precious. Even to a stranger likes me, they are very friendly.

This is one of a city view from my hotel windows:

For me, I am acting as traveller, very curious everything around me. For example, the traffic light, to me it is very confusing, and the style of people driving around there, are really freaking me out sometime. Another thing I am interested in is food. Food are good, but people just like to order a lot and seem food can never be finished in one meal (box and take out)

here are some pictures from my first day in JinJiang:

We are waiting aboard at HK airport:

Hotel is nice, just wonder why there is no bath?

A View from a snack bar:

Niece is bored while waiting outside the snack bar:

My wife with super close shot outside the snack bar:

Walking to my brother in law’s house:

My brother in law’s plant:

Happy Family Time:

First Dinner in JinJiang: Honestly.. I was not really interested in these… although taste ok… so I finally have ordered a curry at hotel because I was still hungry after this…. ^^;

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